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Sample shipment

To ensure the accuracy and reliability of the results, it is recommended that separate samples be sent for:

  • microbiological and chemical analyses
  • for the following sub-analyses:
    • Sulphates
    • Water activity
    • Nitrates and/or nitrites in food
    • Allergens
    • Vitamins
    • For some olive oil and water analyses
  • each time point of the product lifetime study

(contact the lab for more information)

The samples must be accompanied by the analysis order form, which can be downloaded from here.

Please always state the name of the company and the invoice number, as well as send a copy of the transaction to the company’s email (accounting[at]

We remain at your disposal for any clarification you may need.


Secure the samples in the box to protect them from breakage and leakage.

Do not freeze samples for microbiological analysis.

For perishable products, it is recommended to place an ice pack inside the box to maintain a low temperature.

Shipping methods

When sending samples, ACS courier can be used, with which our laboratories have an agreement and special discount, while also allowing easy tracking of your parcel. The shipping cost, if you choose the ACS courier service, is defined after an agreement with the customer.

Send results

The time of delivery of results is defined as that mentioned in the offer and counts from the day of receipt of the package, if it is delivered to our laboratories by 11:00 am, otherwise it counts from the next working day.