CompanyQuality policy


CompanyQuality policy

The Quality Policy is a key priority and commitment of the company CheMa Laboratories and which concerns all the company’s activities. It is the management’s responsibility to ensure that quality procedures are implemented and constantly reviewed in ways defined by its quality system and with the ultimate goal of proven customer satisfaction. For this purpose, the management has designated the Technical Manager as responsible for the implementation of the quality policy and the Quality Manager as responsible for the control and monitoring of quality-related issues. The implementation of the Quality System is mandatory for all employees of the company and for this purpose all employees are properly evaluated.

In order to achieve the above, the Management sets a series of quality objectives which concern the range of the company’s services with the sole aim of improving their quality.

Continuous investment in equipment services
Continuous training and education in personnel quality issues with the aim of effective and efficient work
It sets measurable objectives which are established and evaluated in terms of their degree of achievement in the context of the Review of the Quality Management System by the company’s Management.
For the effectiveness of the above, the company ensures that:

It has all the necessary resources in terms of human resources and infrastructure
It has perfect equipment that is checked at regular intervals
It systematically trains the staff
Evaluates all critical Processes to ensure Quality.
It reviews its Quality System at regular intervals
The CheMa Laboratories Quality Policy is communicated to the company’s employees and is available to anyone interested.

It is made clear that the implementation of the commitments and the achievement of the objectives described in the policy is mandatory and binding for all members of the company

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